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Care at Home

Around 40 million Americans provide unpaid care to an adult or child every year, and those billions of unpaid hours are valued at $470 billion, according to AARP. For these caretakers, the role can often be physically and emotionally overwhelming. Here are two stories from Californians who cared for a family member during this vulnerable time.

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Caretaker Resources

Tara and Melissa both struggled to find the right resources to help them care for their loved ones — and for themselves. If you are helping a family member through Alzheimer’s or another mental illness, help is available.

Hands together in support

Loved ones can change drastically throughout the course of Alzheimer’s. The Alzheimer’s Association helps caretakers like Tara find support groups to adapt and adjust throughout their family member’s illness.

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Maria and her mother

The National Alliance on Mental Illness offers an array of information and guidance for families like Melissa’s as they struggle with mental and behavioral health issues.

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A puzzle house, rebuilding

Self-care was a crucial component in Tara and Melissa’s journey as caretakers. Learn how to help yourself as you aid your loved ones.

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Supporting Caretakers

The work of caretakers can go unnoticed, and the toll can be enormous. Want to help support those around you who do the hard work of caring for a loved one? Share a message of support today.