Which Caring
Californian Are You?

How you interact with others says a lot about you. Take our quiz to find out what health professional is most like your personality!

When attending a friend’s birthday party, you’re the person most likely to:

At the grocery store, what do you and the clerk talk about when checking out?

Your family is having a hard time deciding on where to go for dinner. How do you help make a decision?

You come upon someone on the roadside with a broken down car. Someone else is already there to help. What would you do?

You and your family get lost on a road trip. It’s a remote area, so you don’t have cell service. What would you do next?

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Your Caring California personality is…


You’re a great communicator and listener. Just as a nurse attends to patients and interacts with their loved ones, you look at the whole situation to help solve problems, making sure everyone’s perspective is considered.

Hospital Greeter

Hospital greeters, who are sometimes called ambassadors, assist guests to make sure everyone who enters the hospital feels welcome. Like you, they are outgoing and sociable. You enjoy talking to others, helping those around you feel comfortable, and working well with a wide variety of people.

Hospital Dietitian

You pay attention to details, while maintaining a big-picture view. You’re most like a hospital dietitian who creates nutrition programs for patients while also taking their overall health and life situation into account.While you work well with others, you also enjoy time by yourself.

Surgical Technologist

Surgical technologists can take on many different roles, but generally help the patient and medical staff in the operating room before, during, and after a surgery. Like them, you are detail-oriented and thorough. You’re also a team player and enjoy helping others be successful.

Clinical Laboratory Technician

Clinical lab technicians run tests on blood and other samples at the hospital, operating a variety of machines and tools. Like them, you are analytical and like solving puzzles, mainly by yourself but also with a close friend. You like contributing to a team, but want to do so in a behind-the-scenes way — you don’t need much public praise or recognition.