Score Your Cart!

A Healthy Grocery Game

The average supermarket carries about 39,000 different products — the healthiest foods can be hard to identify.

California's St. Joseph Hoag Health has created an innovative program that brings physicians and registered dietitians into Orange County grocery stores. There, experts guide grocery shoppers to make healthier choices.

Wish you could shop with a nutritionist? Well, now you can with Score Your Cart!

AvocadoWhite PotatoBananasSpinach
Rib EyeEggsWhole fishYogurt
Beef JerkyWhite BreadNutsGranola
Frozen VeggiesFrozen PizzaCauliflower RiceDiet Frozen Meal
AvocadoWhite PotatoBananaSpinach
Rib EyeEggsFishYogurt
Beef JerkyWhite BreadnutsGranola
Frozen VegetabesFrozen PizzaCauliflower RiceDiet Frozen Meal

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